Friday, November 18, 2011

Morse/Glenwood streetscape

I haven't spent much time around Morse and Glenwood in a while. Before yesterday's visit, the last time was when the streetscape project was just finished. I noticed a problem then that still hasn't been fixed. Where are all the bike racks?

There are a scattering of 2-bike racks - 2 in front of Mayne Stage, 1 in front of Chase Bank, and on a few other corners. There are many small businesses and artists' studios along Glenwood that could use bike parking but have none. Most of the businesses along Morse where cyclists might like to go have no racks.

As I recall, bike lanes AND bike racks were among the most popular items people voted for in participatory budgeting in the last few years. Failing to deliver bike parking in a high density business district is a major shortcoming for this otherwise attractive streetscape project. It's a major disappointment.

When I patronize businesses in the Morse/Glenwood area, I almost always go by bike because it's the easiest way for me to get there. I know plenty of other folks who do likewise. Now that the parking meters are gone and we have no secure place to lock up (signposts are NOT secure), it makes these businesses less attractive as destinations compared to other places where we can lock up our bikes. Do you really want to be stacking the deck against businesses and artists in economic conditions where we should be doing everything possible to help them by working together as a community?

I hope that this unfortunate oversight can be corrected in the next year. Bike racks are an inexpensive investment for the good of the neighborhood.

* NOTE: This post is based on conditions observed on 11/17. The El was not my destination. I was visiting other locations away from the El where there were no racks close by.


Fargo said...

I'm a bit surprised that no one has any comments on this issue. This post was a bit overdue, but I figured at least a few folks would have something to say on the issue.

abb50 said...

You're surprised no one has commented? Well, I'm surprised you actually posted this without checking to make sure if your assertions are true, especially since you admit "I haven't spent much time around Morse and Glenwood in a while. The last time was when the streetscape project was just finished."

I live a block from there. Yesterday I counted 10 bike racks in the area from Act One at Wayne to Greenview. There are:

* Two bike racks on the north side of Morse by Act One.
* Two HUGE bike racks on the north side in front of the Morse L entrance.
* Two on the south side of Morse under the L.
* Two on the north side by the Morse Fresh Market.
* Two on the south side by the Chase Bank.

I suggest in the future you do some research before posting.

Fargo said...

Except for the racks by the El entrance, these are all 2-bike racks. From many small business and artist locations along Morse and Glenwood, you have to walk almost a block to get to a bike rack.

Given a choice between locking my bike up under the El, or locking to a light pole in front of a restaurant I'm visiting, I'd rather take the pole, because I can watch the bike and it's more likely to be there when I come out. More restaurant locations should have racks.

10 racks is not very much capacity, considering the retail and residential density in the area. It's better than nothing, but it's really not good enough.

I suggest in the future that you think about the big picture before commenting as harshly as you did.