Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Morse & Glenwood streetscaping - a mystery

I got an e-mail recently about a ribbon cutting to mark the completion of the Morse & Glenwood streetscaping. That event will be happening at 8:45 a.m. tomorrow at the corner of Morse & Glenwood. I had a delicious lunch at Noon Hour Grill today, so I spent a little time checking out the newly completed streetscaping. What's there is attractive (except for the poor little broken tree just north of Noon Hour).

What puzzles me is what's missing. Where are the bike racks? I had to lock my bike to a light post. With the parking meters gone, all that's available near most places is trees (not good for the trees' long-term health) and light posts (challenging). Since bike racks have been fairly high on the priority list in participatory budgeting votes, it really surprised me that the only bike racks I could find near the restaurant were under the El tracks - not my favorite place to park a halfway decent bike and expect it to be there when I get back.

Will bike racks be added in the near future? I hope so. If any readers have information they'd like to share on this puzzle, I welcome comments on the subject.


Anonymous said...

The participatory budgeting process this year voted in 40+ new bike racks for around the ward. I believe that is a recommended location. Final say from CDOT but hopefully new racks will go in there.

Fargo said...

That's what I remember. I thought that bike racks were a also fairly high priority in 2010 participatory budgeting. That's why I was surprised that I couldn't find any bike racks around Morse/Glenwood the other day.