Friday, January 07, 2011

notes from Jargowood

Thanks to Lorraine for sharing notes from this week's Jargowood meeting, as well as a few helpful suggestions.
Regarding Participatory Budgeting for 2011 – Jargowood does not have a representative involved in the “planning process” to determine which projects get on the ballot for 49th Ward residents to vote upon. If you'd like to vote, go to the Participatory Budgeting page on the Alderman’s website. “Potholes and drainage issues” - a perpetual problem in Jargowood - would make a fine suggestion.

Regarding Participatory Budgeting for last year 2010 – The walking path around Touhy Park has not really yet been improved/completed; we had a false alarm about this project around election day when a Bobcat showed up on site and tore up some pavement. Now that pavement has been patched, we're back where we started. The Dog Park at Pottawattomie is a negotiation point with the Park District – as is the Community Garden at Dubkin Park (Ashland & Fargo). Both projects have volunteer committees engaged with the Park District. These things will not happen overnight. Maybe we'll see them in 2012 or 2013?

Please vote for your favorite Participatory Budgeting projects in 2011 April. I'd strongly encourage you to vote in favor of using a large percentage of the $$$ to fix potholes and drainage issues. If you don’t express a strong opinion about this, the murky lakes on Rogers, Ashland/Jarvis and other perpetually swampy spots will continue to be navigational hazards to pedestrians, and the bike and car-jarring potholes will become the next lakes.

If you are more inclined toward self-help and direct action, take a rake and scrape the dead leaves and trash out of your curbside drain – don’t wait for government assistance.

Regarding community policing – Beat 2422 will meet next Thursday Jan 13. Do we have any “hot spots” or “troubled buildings” or drug/gang issues in beautiful Jargowood? If you know of a problem area, please show up and speak up.

We have lost a good neighbor. John Dawson passed away last week – check Trib obits on line – memorial/visitation today (Friday) and Sat.

Jargowood 1/4/11 meeting notes:

Alderman's Report – Continuing Issues:

Michael Land represented Alderman Moore’s office.

Corner of Rogers, Clark & Jarvis (Fruit Market) – CDOT has agreed to perform a traffic study of the intersection. Study dates have not yet been determined. Those attending the meeting suggested including a Saturday and Sunday, when the parking issues seem more intense.

Corner of Jarvis & Ashland (SW) – The SW corner is currently being rebuilt as part of the ongoing effort to repair catch basins. Alderman Moore’s office has on multiple occasions requested the rebuild/correction of the northwest corner.

Participatory Budgeting 2011 – The various committees are currently working on their proposals. When voting on proposals for 2011, there will be an option to select a percentage of the menu money to be set aside for street repairs in the ward. Voting should be in early April.

Participatory Budgeting 2010 – There was a discussion on the status of various 2010 projects: dog park, community garden, walking path, murals, etc. Michael explained that if the money is not spent in the current year it is not lost; the money is allocated. Some small projects were completed in 2010 using funds allocated in 2008 and 2009.

Corner of Howard & Ashland (SE) – There has been some movement from the City in working toward City ownership of the property (former Lerner building – now a vacant lot). Royal Bank of Canada owns some of the debt. Michael stressed that it would be a long-term process to acquire the property.

Corner of Birchwood & Greenview (SW) – Cagan Management has recently taken over the management of the property. Alderman Moore’s office is planning to contact them and give a “nudge” toward their completion of the construction.

Howard Theatre Building
– The Howard Theatre building is in receivership. Alderman Moore’s office met with the receiver to get them to increase building security. There appears to be improvement at the property. The building was controlled by Jay Johnson. It was noted that the Jay Johnson buildings (non-senior housing) are also in receivership.

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