Monday, January 31, 2011

CTA contemplates closure of Jarvis El stop

In case you've missed this recent news, the CTA has held public meetings to get feedback on several different modernization scenarios for the far north side and Evanston. These meetings are over, however, the public comment period is still open until February 18.

To see graphic representations of these scenarios, click here. More information is available in John Hilkevitch's Getting Around Column and on the CTA web site. If you scroll down on the CTA page, you'll find several links for PDF files with detailed information on various aspects of this proposed project, as well as snail mail or fax info for submitting feedback.

Does the Jarvis El stop matter to you? Does the continued survival of our fine little Jargowood business district matter to you and the neighborhood? If you haven't already weighed in, you can e-mail your comments until 2/18.

Your opinion matters. If you haven't already spoken up, please do.

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