Friday, May 21, 2010

neighborhood walk tonight

An invitation from Toni Duncan of beat 2422:

The weather forecast may include rain, but beat 2422 neighbors will be meeting at 7 PM at 1610 W. Howard, Willye White Community Center to start a new summer and a new tradition. If you don't care for the walks, please join a new group to play board games with youngsters in the park tonight while others walk and do some positive loitering. One neighbor has volunteered to watch the game tables. Sharon
O'Connell, the park supervisor has offered tables, chairs, etc. to use. In the event of rain, the event may be held inside.

Last year in the Uptown neighborhood, neighbors set up card tables near a park and began spending time with the youngsters there. Soon, there were hot dogs being grilled and it became a weekly tradition many kids and adults looked forward to. If you would please call a neighbor or forward this email it would be great to see and meet neighbors from every block in Beat 2422. If you have a board game you'd like to share, please bring it. If you have ideas for the gatherings and walks, let's discuss them tonight!

Our canine neighbors are also invited to join on the walks. We have some 'regulars' who have joined for several years now!

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