Thursday, December 03, 2009

RPCC holiday request

I'd like to share a holiday request from the Rogers Park Community Council:

The Rogers Park Community Council has a growing amount of families stopping by in need of non-perishable food items.

Due to the obvious turmoil in our economy and the ever increasing number of those unemployed throughout our community, we would like to offer the less fortunate families within our community a small gift of food for the Holiday Season. We will be accepting any non-perishable food items throughout the month of December at our office, 1530 W. Morse, Mon-Fri, 10 am – 6 pm. Please look through what you have in your homes or perhaps when you are at the food market, think of those whom are less fortunate than ourselves and drop some items off to us this month. Even a small bag of items or a few cans of vegetables, etc. would make a huge difference in the lives of those unable to feed their families during this holiday season.

In addition, we are assisting a family with Holiday gifts this year. We are seeking small toys for a 10-year old boy. He would very much love a basketball, but any children’s toy for a boy would be GREATLY appreciated. Please do what you can to help.

If you have any questions about food items or toy requests, please contact Jennifer Caruso (jennifer at_ or Faye Walker (faye at_

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