Wednesday, July 01, 2009

New 400 Theater opens today

The New 400 Theater is opening today at 6746 N. Sheridan Road (at Columbia). This neighborhood landmark movie theater has been transformed. The building's new owner, Anthony Fox of CDF Capital, bought it in 2007 and restored much of the terra cotta facade and thoroughly renovated the interior with eco-friendly materials.

The original name of theater was the 400 Theater when it first opened in 1914. Its name was changed to the Village North in the early 1990s.

All 4 screens will feature new-release movies. The owner plans to occasionally show art films and provide some live performances in the largest theater, such as poetry readings, comedy acts, children's activities and other cultural events.

At tonight's grand opening, you will receive a free large popcorn with your ticket purchase. You can get showtimes by calling the New 400 Theater's recorded phone line at 773-856-5980. A web site will be up soon.

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Anonymous said...

Actually the theater was the Regent when it was first opened, to be later named the 400 in the 30's. I'm very excited for it. I missed my local theater when the Village North perished.