Tuesday, July 28, 2009

be careful out there

I've gotten a few reports of muggers assaulting people and stealing their wallets in the Jarvis/Greenview/Fargo area in broad daylight.

One incident happened yesterday around 5 p.m. A man was mugged on Fargo near Greenview, then came into Charmers, upset and with a small cut on his forehead. He said more than one assailant came up from behind. He thinks they were teens. Police were called.

Another person reported the following: "Yesterday afternoon I saw a guy run east in front of my building (1423 Fargo) with what looked like a black wallet in his hands. He was in a hurry and dove into the alley just east of me. There was a guy in front of him a ways and another behind him that seemed to be connected somehow...this AM I heard a woman talking to someone outside saying that her neighbor was robbed and then she had found a credit card in the yard next to me."

Keep your eyes and ears open and don't let them victimize you. Call 911 if you see suspicious activity. Help the police to catch the guys who are doing this, and help keep the neighborhood safe.

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