Tuesday, June 02, 2009

bring recycling to your condo or rental building

Green info from Joe Moore:

The Chicago Municipal Code requires apartment building owners and condominium boards in buildings of 5 or more units to offer their residents an effective recycling program. Unfortunately, not all owners and boards are aware of this requirement or understand how to implement it.

The 49th Ward Green Corps is offering a workshop on HOW TO BRING EFFECTIVE RECYCLING TO YOUR MULTI-UNIT BUILDING. on Monday 6/8, 7:00 p.m., at Loyola Park Fieldhouse, 1230 W. Greenleaf (at the Lake), 2nd Floor.

This workshop is ideal for landlords, condominium board members and individual renters and condominium owners who are interested in bringing recycling to their building or would like to improve their existing program. Rae Mindock, Primary Consultant for the Chicago Multi-Unit Recycling Study Project, will offer advice on creating an effective recycling program that best fits your building's unique needs.

To get the most out of this meeting, please try to bring the following information, if possible:

** # and size of garbage and recycling containers on your property. Check the containers outside your building or your waste removal invoice.

** # of garbage and recycling pick-ups per week. Check your waste hauling invoice or contract.

** Amount of material in the containers at pick-up. Overflowing, 3/4 full or only half full? Try to estimate an average volume for all your containers at collection time.

** Cost for garbage and recycling pick-up. Check your waste hauling invoice or contract, usually a monthly fee.

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