Tuesday, May 12, 2009

there should be a law

If incidents like this one don't make the case for a law to create appropriate penalties for negligent vehicular homicide, I don't know what would.

If this issue is important to you, please take a few minutes to call or write to your Illinois state legislators. It's inexcusable that careless drivers continue to kill and seriously injure people because they have so little regard for others on the road that their desire to shave, talk on the phone, polish fingernails, eat, or send text messages takes precedent over safe and responsible operation over the potentially lethal weapon that their vehicles can be. It's equally inexcusable that our legislators allow them to get away with it.


The North Coast said...

At least the driver didn't just tear away from the scene.

Have you noticed the number of hit-and-run pedestrian accidents over the past few years, just at this end of the city?

It used to be that a hit-and-run guaranteed you a jail term, it was that serious. It is incredible to me that so many motorists would hit another human being and leave him or her lying in the middle of the street like roadkill, but I have personally witnessed two hit-and-runs on Broadway by the Edgewater Dominick's since 1996, and I've read of many more. Thankfully two traffic signals have been installed there so a pedestrian no longer has to walk to either Granville or Thorndale to safely (?) cross Broadway.

But it seems to me that these days, the majority of pedestrian collisions are hit-and-runs.

We need to step up the penalties, since our morals have deteriorated so much. A hit-and-run should be as serious as killing someone while driving drunk, which will net you twenty years these days.

And if a motorist thinks this is too heavy and can't learn to drive properly, s/he can just ride the train.

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Fargo said...

North Coast - I couldn't agree more. It seems that there is no sense of responsibility by many drivers anymore. Whether the victim is a pedestrian, a bicyclist, a motorcyclist, or someone in another car, the penalty should be severe enough to be a meaningful deterrent to this kind of negligence. Or if it's not a deterrent, it should benefit public safety by getting more of the dangerous drivers off the streets.

There are plenty of public transit options for those who are too reckless or clueless to drive.