Wednesday, April 01, 2009

no April Fool's joke

This idiot was seriously lucky that nobody was killed in this freak accident. I'll bet her neighbor doesn't want to talk to her now.


The North Coast said...

The continued prevalence of drunken driving is yet another injury resulting from our excessive auto dependence and our sense of entitlement. We tend to feel that since we "need" our cars, especially if we dwell in outer auto-oriented sprawl-burbs like Barrington, that we're entitled to have them, which is likely why this woman was given probation instead of a jail sentence to begin with.

We're still way too easy on drunk drivers, and judges still even grant "hardship" driver's licenses to drunks whose jobs require them to drive!

A steep reduction in auto dependence along with the restructuring of our towns to enable more people to rely on public transit, would reduce drunken driving steeply and permit us to get more drunks off the roads.

Let's hope this woman gets the 10-year jail sentence she deserves. However, since she's an affluent white suburbanite and she didn't kill anyone, I doubt that will happen.

I guess she'll have to kill or maim someone before the authorities take decisive action to get her off the road and in a place where she can't get her hands on a car. In the meantime, I hope she gets sued for everything she has, way over what her homeowner's or car insurance can cover.

Fargo said...

I absolutely agree on all counts. The penalties for drunk driving should be much stiffer, especially in sprawl-burbs where driving distances are longer. Excellent descriptive term for a place like Barrington, BTW.