Friday, March 27, 2009

pedestrian accidents

This article in today's Trib about local pedestrian rates had one surprise for me. I would not have expected Oak Park to be so high on the list. Your $0.02?


Bill Savage said...

The more pedestrians you have, the more accidents. Far more people walk places in Oak Park than in Libertyville, so more accidents. Inner ring train suburbs will always be more like the city itself.

Fargo said...

The more pedestrians you have, the more accidents.

True, but Evanston has plenty of peds and seems to do a bit better in terms of accident rate. I'm always amazed there aren't more ped accidents in the Loop. I think that the sheer volume of peds and the high ratio of peds to motor vehicles both help to keep the drivers in check.

The other day I saw a very near miss. I was coming to the corner of Jackson & Clark by the Board of Trade. The light had just turned green for Jackson traffic. A food delivery guy walking ahead of me stepped off the curb and started across Clark. A cab that had just run the red light screeched to a stop in front of the guy, blocking the crosswalk. A trader started to jump out of the cab, saw the guy, and stopped opening the door mid-swing. The delivery guy took a few steps to the left and walked behind right behind the cab, staying clear of Jackson traffic. Fortunately both the delivery guy and the trader used their eyes and reflexes, otherwise the delivery guy could have gotten banged up. The cabbie was totally in the wrong.

It's a good thing that most drivers aren't quite as bad as this cabbie.