Sunday, March 15, 2009


I used to be a semi-regular customer at Heartland. In the last few years, all the ass-kissing b.s with Joe Moore was a big turnoff, and the deterioration of service and food quality more of a turnoff. Their whiny attitude about these serious health code violations does not exactly entice me to return as a regular. It disgusts me that they would choose to respond in such a childish way. If anything, it would make me inclined to patronize almost any restaurant in the 'hood EXCEPT Heartland. And there are plenty of other neighborhood restaurants that I enjoy.

Michael and Katy - You are in a service business, and the quality of your products can affect your customers' health. If you're not focusing on that, your priorities are seriously screwed up. Instead of trying to hide the suspension notice on your door, and trying to blame other people, take some responsibility and APOLOGIZE to the community.

I have a friend who was a health inspector for many years. They do a tough, largely thankless job in order to ensure safe and healthy conditions. As a general rule, they are NOT in it to screw people over. There is a reason why they keep a place closed at least 3 more days after it fails the 1st re-inspection on the day after suspension. If conditions are such that a business fails the 1st re-inspection, there are usually significant problems that couldn't be fixed overnight. It's not because they want employees to lose wages for days the business is closed. If you don't want to keep the place clean and ensure good food safety, perhaps you should consider a career change.

You really need to get a clue on this one. I suspect you'll be losing a lot of long-term customers if you don't.


Al Iverson said...

You are 100% correct.

Fargo said...

You're quick.

Tom Mannis said...

Wow, that's powerful writing. Excellent points, FO.