Thursday, September 25, 2008

new restaurant

For those of you who have been wondering when the new restaurant would open in Cafe Suron's former space, it's here. Ropa at 1146 W Pratt (east of Sheridan) has been open for about 3 weeks and will have their grand opening on Oct 1. Got this review from a friend in the 'hood who checked it out last weekend.

Food and liquor prices are reasonable....imported beer $4 - domestic $3 - wine by the glass $6-8 with "tasting flights" 2x2 glasses = $4, 3x3 glasses = $6 if you want to try a sample of various wines, here is a nice opportunity.

I am not a wine snob but I would not order the 14 Hands Chardonnay again....The viognier shenin was quite nice....there is a malbec and I always feel good about a place that has malbec on the wine list.

The menu features a lot of grilled meats ($17-23), a few vegetarian options, and many "mediterranean" touches. The staff was very good about "substitutions" for suggested side dishes....I had a very nice steak sandwich ($10) with sauted spinach (excellent!) substituted for fries. My companion had Lemon Caper Chicken ($15) with sauted spinach (substituted for rice pilaf - build your own florentine, eh?) which was a good sized entrée and he ate the whole thing. He had salad (creative salads $6) and I had feta stuffed spring rolls. The fishy, pasta, poultry entrée choices were very nice and it looks like you could create a nice "tasting menu" off the appetizer and salad list.

I will go back was a good experience....passing thought - two people could share a "flight" of 5 2oz glasses of wine for $10....and create a very nice tour of the wine list.....don't get the 14 Hands Chard.

I plan to visit soon and try it myself.

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Al Iverson said...

Thanks for sharing this. My thoughts:

The 14 Hands Cabernet is very good. I'm really happy with it, I'll order it again and again (and have already). I don't drink Chard so I haven't tried it.

Every halfway decent restaurant in the world has a Malbec or two on the wine list nowadays. Its existence isn't that exceptional.

Though, I suspect it's good. I'll be sure to try it next time.

My girlfriend and I are pretty happy with RoPa so far. Yum!