Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Jarvis Square news

There's a new business: Pig Pen at 1536 W. Jarvis. They offer children's clothes, arts and crafts, activities for your toddler, and more. Toddler time is on Wednesdays at 10:30 am. After school milk, cookies and crafts is on Thursdays at 3:30pm. Check out the free face painting all day on Friday. Store hours are Tuesday - Saturday from 10 to 7, and Sunday from 10 to 3. Closed on Monday. For more information, call (773) 336-8652, or click here.

RP Garden Group will have its second annual Jarvis Square Sidewalk Sale on Sun Sept 28 - from approx 11 am til 2 pm. If you have stuff to donate (divided outdoor perennial plants/excess houseplants, excess tools, pots, mulch, plastic/wire fencing, garden gnomes (my favourite!) or garden themed craft items.....contact RP Garden Group. And come on down to the sale on the 28th.

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