Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Jargowood news

Thanks to Lorraine Dostal for these bits of news from last week's Jargowood block club meeting:

Howard station: The new CTA estimate for the completion of the old station is February of 2009. There is still wrangling going on over the use of TIF money to assist the CTA. Alderman Moore is in discussions and plans to retain some TIF money for the Howard Streetscape.

Gale Park: The community can celebrate the success that the field house is finally open. Currently the Park District is running the field house, which is open every day except Sunday. Discussions with the Boys/Girls Club are ongoing. A lot of visible drug dealing going on around the field house, in spite of the police presence that has been added. NOTE: park infrastructure and grounds issues are not 311 calls. Those types of calls must go to the park supervisors. Only graffiti in the parks is a 311 call.

Rogers Park Fruit Market: To help with traffic problems, the parking spaces closest to Clark Street are to be removed. There will only be 2 handicapped spaces west of the entrance. Regular diagonal parking will only be available to the east of the entrance. An additional traffic light will be installed on the SE corner of Jarvis & Clark.

New fire station: It was supposed to be opened this month, but is now expected in October. Both the Rogers Park Community Council and the Rogers Park / West Ridge Historical Society are still interested in using the old fire station. Economics are the constraint for both.

Mega Mall: No news yet. The Chicago Academy of Math and Science appears to be the front runner due to the current economic situation.

Jarvis & Ashland: Everyone is still frustrated at the lack of progress with standing water at the intersection. Seems like that's been a problem forever. VTone fitness center is to be open by the holidays. No particular holiday was specified. The owner also expects the Belgian Ale House to be open in the Spring of 2009.

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