Thursday, July 03, 2008

Amtrak getting back to normal

Service on three western Amtrak routes has been affected by Midwest flooding in recent weeks. It made my trip back from Oregon more interesting - not in a good way. Flooding in Wisconsin affected some rail bridges and access to some Amtrak stations, so my train was stopped in Minneapolis-St. Paul and we got put on buses for the remainder of the trip back to Chicago. The good news is that two of three Amtrak routes having this issue are back in full operation. If you're planning a trip on the California Zephyr (crossing still-flooded Iowa), check with Amtrak.


Al Iverson said...

My girlfriend and I are taking an Amtrak train to St. Louis tomorrow for the weekend. Can't wait, it's my favorite mode of transportation.

This online forum is worth checking out to find the inside scoop on what's up on the Amtrak scene.

Fargo said...

I've always enjoyed Amtrak, and I'm taking it more often for longer trips since 9/11. Much more pleasant than flying, especially under current conditions.

Thanks for the tip on the online forum.

Have a great trip this weekend!