Thursday, June 12, 2008

outta town

I'm taking off today. I'll be on vacation for a little while, but I've got a few things set to post while I'm gone. Back soon....

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The North Coast said...

You mean you will not be able to be at the meeting on Lunt tonight?

Contact your landlords and try to get them to go. I live close to Lunt & Sheridan,and have contacted my landlords and begged them to show, for when they bought my bldg on Pratt in the late 90s, it was very scruffy, the scene of violent crimes, and most of all, had several units rented to Heartland. They booted Heartland out and cleaned up the building, which is now gorgeous and full of great people.

I also contacted two other prominent property owners in the area, owners of good buildings, and one really wants to come.