Sunday, April 06, 2008

back on the bike

I've been riding my bike on and off throughout the winter, when the weather and my cranky knee have permitted. But most of those have been short rides - too short. I got out today for my longest ride so far this year: 21 miles. It felt great. Have you gotten back on the bike yet this year? Or have you not ridden in years but are thinking about it? It's never too soon to start.


lafew said...

Try the route down Ridge Boulevard, if you are nearby,unless you already did it.

Fargo said...

Ridge isn't a bad way to go. I'm not so wild about using the lakefront path once the weather gets nice, especially in the evenings. By 6:00 p.m., the path is a little too well populated. Early in the morning or when the weather isn't so great, it's a lot easier to ride there.

If I just want to go direct and am not feeling annoyed with traffic, I'll take Clark Street all the way. If I want to meander a bit more, I have a few routes from Old Town to Rogers Park using mostly side streets.