Wednesday, March 05, 2008

not here

Things are looking up in downtown Jargowood (otherwise known as Jarvis Square - Jarvis & Greenview) and even on Morse, but not here.

Seems like any initiative to improve things has mostly been coming from landlords and business owners, not from DevCorp North or Joe Moore.

Ten years ago, there were places to eat and shop on Howard Street between Greenview and Paulina. Some new places have opened in that time, and a few of them have stayed. The Dunkin Donuts that was so popular a few years ago is gone. I'm sure the El station construction did not help their business at all. Chinalite was good for a while, but the quality of their food really fell off the cliff and then their business did too. Most of the cheap and greasy places that used to exist on this section of Howard are gone.

The Wisdom Bridge Arts project, with its worthy goals, has been frustrated in its ongoing struggle to find a permanent home and put down strong roots on Howard Street. What's it gonna take to get some positive action on Howard?

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