Tuesday, December 25, 2007

R.I.P. Oscar Peterson

The music world has lost another giant, Oscar Peterson. He died on Sunday in Toronto at the age of 82, after giving us the gift of great jazz for many years.

Click here for Oscar Peterson's web site. This link is a CBC archive page that includes links to audio and video interview clips.

If you enjoy jazz but aren't familiar with his music, check it out. I think you'll like what you find.


The North Coast said...

This is sad news. One more of the great jazzmen of the last century has passed beyond.

All the people in various fields who made the 20th century so incredibly inventive and exciting are making their exits one by one.

It's hard to realize that these people are in their 80s and 90s and that so much time has passed.

Fargo said...

Oscar Peterson is one of so many creative souls who brought incredible vitality to our lives. I wish I'd seen him in live performance while it was still possible.

Years ago I was living near Boston and got to see Dizzy Gillespie in a smallish venue in Cambridge shortly before he died. I bought one of his albums and got his autograph afterwards. I was touched by his modest demeanor, both onstage and off. The show wasn't about big ego. It was about sharing the music.

I got the same feeling from Oscar Peterson's work. He and so many others lived into their 80s and 90s, still making great music. Von Freeman is another example here in Chicago.

Appreciate the truly creative souls while they're here, and keep appreciating them through their music after they're gone. That's a gift that keeps on giving.