Sunday, December 02, 2007

green for Christmas

As more people considering the ecological implications of various choices in their lives, they are presented with more dilemmas. This article in the San Francisco Chronicle raises some good points about the pros and cons of real vs. artificial Christmas trees.

I love the smell of a fresh tree, and I've occasionally gone to a tree farm to cut one. I think it's an ecological extravangance. There are enough decent looking fake trees out there to offer us some good options. A good fake can last many years if it's treated gently. Buying a real wreath can give the scent of a real tree with a much smaller ecological impact.

What's your $0.02 on the issue?

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The North Coast said...

This is an interesting question.

I had considered getting an artificial tree, but backed away because they are usually made with petroleum-derived products, and I am trying to steeply reduce my consumption of such products, because of the need for petroleum derivatives for so many things that are essential to life and health

Moreover, the purchase of a live tree encourages tree farming-most of the trees come from farms, and as long as there is a market for them, we will have cultured forests of them, and anything that encourages cultivation of conifers is good.

So it just might be a toss up, but for reasons ecological I would favor a live tree.