Friday, November 30, 2007

sticking around

This month has brought some sad news. Jocelyn of Rogers Park Neighbor and Trash Detective has decided to end her blogs. Craig has said that he is thinking of calling it quits with his Broken Heart blog. They have been both sources of neighborhood news that might not have seen the light of day otherwise, a valuable resource to folks who care about what's happening in Rogers Park.

Jocelyn and Craig - Thank you both for blogging and fighting the good fight. I hope that you'll reconsider and not leave the Rogers Park blogosphere. Each of you has provided a valuable service to the neighborhood. Your comments are welcome here at Fargo Observer. I'm planning on sticking around.

Wishing all of you a holiday season of peace, and a new year of positive change.


Jocelyn said...

Thanks. I have changed my mind and will keep blogging. I got frustrated with the negativity, but I still have issues I care enough to blog about. Craig seems to be hanging in there, so we'll see what happens. Maybe just lightening up and not doing it so intensely will be the trick for him also. I enjoy your blog also.

Anonymous said...

i wish craig wouldn't stop either. jocelyn thanks for not stopping. dont worry about the haters they know nothing.

Fargo said...

Thanks for the good news, Jocelyn!