Monday, November 26, 2007

send a message to Stroger

The Tribune did us a fine service today by giving us the scoop on which of the Cook County Board members seem likely to rubber stamp Todd Stroger's quest for a tax increase of nearly $900M. Eight board members have made it clear that they think the county is already collecting enough in taxes. The other nine could use our input. I've included their contact info and Stroger's below. More info is included in this Tribune editorial.

Please vote with your dialing or typing fingers.

Todd Stroger:, 312-603-6400 and 312-603-5500.

Earlean Collins, West Side, west suburbs:, 312-603-4566 and 773-626-2184.

William Beavers, South Side and south suburbs:, 312-603-2067 and 773-731-1515,

Jerry "Iceman" Butler, Near South Side, south suburbs:, 312-603-6391

John Daley, South and Southwest Sides, southwest suburbs:, 312-603-4400

Roberto Maldonado, North and Northwest Sides:, 312-603-6386 and 773-395-0143,

Joseph Mario Moreno, Southwest Side, Cicero:, 312-603-5443 and 773-927-7154

Joan Patricia Murphy, south suburbs:, 312-603-4216 and 708-389-2125

Deborah Sims, South Side, south suburbs:, 312-603-6381 and 708-371-4251

Robert Steele, Near North, Near West and Near South Sides:, 312-603-3019 and 773-722-0140


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