Friday, October 12, 2007

autumn tulip bulb planting

Come out to the 2007 community garden on Sunday, November 4, 11 A.M., to help plant bulbs! The RPGG has received a generous donation of 750 tulip bulbs for the planters and surrounding area at the 2007 RPGG/Loyola Keepers Community Garden "Circle Park " by a local resident who really loves tulips. Come help us plant these bulbs on November 4 (November 11 is our rain date) for an awesome display next spring. Bring gardening tools (shovels, gloves, spades) and maybe even a friend. Please let us know if you can help by emailing Karen McCarthy at

Location: Circle Park, east end of Morse Ave. @ Loyola Park.


The RPGG has been offered lots of free bulbs. If you are interested in planting a corner on your block, please contact Karen McCarthy asap at karengardens at yahoo dot com. The bulbs have been promised, and we would love you to help spread them around the neighborhood.

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