Thursday, September 13, 2007

Satan needs ice skates

[Hell has frozen over]

Last week I was riding my bike through the neighborhood and appreciating something truly amazing.

After so many years of ideas and meetings and fighting for progress, it's great to see all these things happening at once: 1640-42 Fargo being renovated, 1626-30 Fargo being renovated, the former Lerner building being demolished, and the Gale Park Community Center construction coming along nicely. The Howard El station is in mid-renovation (who ever thought that would ever happen?). A new apartment building on the Evanston side of Howard is under construction on the long-vacant land opposite the Gateway entrance. African Harambee adds another good place to eat. The Century project is under construction on Morse. More good businesses (such as the Belgian Ale House) are proposed for Jargowood. I never thought I'd see this day.


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