Monday, September 10, 2007

RPGG Comunity Garden project


Would you like to sponsor a community garden project in 2008 or do you know a neighborhood group that is interested? Is there a space that you and your neighbors think could use improvement? Are there businesses around the space that might join with you to oversee a community garden project? We really want to help RP residents and businesses beautify their surroundings for all residents to enjoy. But we can’t do it alone. We need YOU as a lead partner to make a successful and lasting project. A community garden project is win-win for everyone: by helping to improve our green spaces and plantings you get to give back to the community, share a fun project with neighbors and friends and meet people, and feel good. Something about planting tender flowers and watching them grow soothes the soul and puts a smile on everyone’s face. It is said that people who garden live longer and healthier lives (ok, we just made that up but we’re pretty sure that it’s true).

Here is the detail on how a community garden project works and what we’ll all do:

The RPGG will assist any community or neighborhood group with the creation or restoration of one garden each year on private or public space provided that can be enjoyed by the public. You come up with the idea and some neighbors, friends, or businesses and put together a proposal that includes:

* Name of your neighborhood group with group leader identified and at least 4 other residents/neighbors who will participate in the project. Include name, address, phone, and email (if available).
* Address and site location description (for instance, Loyola Park, Circle Park planters at end of Morse Ave. and the park).
* Digital photos of the site. If your group is unable to take digital photos, please contact RPGG and we will assist you.
* Approximate size of site (i.e., two 27’ diameter planters or 24’x52’ tract at ABC Park).
* A 250-500 word statement about the site and why you believe it will make for a terrific community garden project.

Deadline for proposals is October 1, 2007.
Nominating project information should be sent to Susan Murray, Community Garden Committee Chair, RPGG via email at or via mail to: 1636 W. Greenleaf, #3W, Chicago 60626.

Here is what the RPGG will do to support the project:

Provide cost estimates.
Create the site design.
Select plants (along with your group).
Provide planting volunteers.
Provide project marketing and fundraising assistance.
Advise on ongoing garden maintenance.

So what kind of work will you and your group have to do?

Fundraise and promote involvement with the community in the area.
Prepare and assist in planting the garden.
Provide ongoing care and maintenance of the garden once it is installed.
Provide a project leader who will oversee your group’s activities and involvement with the project and who will liaison with the RPGG team.

When will you have to do all this stuff?

November 2007-March 2008: fundraise.
March 2008: garden design and plant selection.
April 2008: garden site preparation (e.g., weeding, tilling, soil amendments)
Mid-May 2008: garden planting!

We are eager for your proposals. All proposals will be reviewed by the Rogers Park Garden Group membership and the final project will be selected by majority vote at the October 30, 2007 meeting. Please contact Susan Murray at susanmurray at or rpgardengroup at for a 2-page information sheet on the proposal or if you have any questions. We’ll do our best to help give your proposal the best advantage!

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