Friday, August 17, 2007

Rabid bat alert (updated)

Animal Control put out an alert yesterday about an incident that happened this week in the neighborhood. On Monday someone found a bat in their 3rd floor apartment on the 7400 block of Hoyne. They called 311. Animal Control came to remove the bat.

The bat was DOA at Animal Control HQ. It was sent to a lab for rabies testing, per normal procedure. The bat tested positive for rabies. This is the 6th rabid bat found in Cook County in 2 weeks. Rabies is not unusual in wild animals, especially at this time of year, but it's a good idea to take a few precautions. Please have your pets vaccinated for rabies. Don't handle dead animals. If you find a living wild animal that if injured or confined, or a dead animal, don't touch it. Call 311 for help or instructions on safe disposal of a dead animal.

** UPDATE ** I talked to a friend on the block and found out that a second bat was found there. Guess how people on the block found out about the bats? A woman spotted a Sheriff's Dept. car and asked the deputy what was going on. The deputy gave her some of the alert flyers and asked her to share them with the neighbors. The flyer text was the source for the above precautions. She told my friend, who broadcast the info via e-mail to many folks in the neighborhood and to the alderman's office. The alderman's office later took credit for making the information known when it was broadcast later in another round of e-mails to more folks in the neighborhood, including the originator of the message. ** An e version of the old game of Telephone...

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