Monday, July 16, 2007

transit and leadership

Could Pace officials consider setting an example and make decisions based on experience and actually ride their buses once in a while? And what about our governor and other elected officials?

It would be refreshing if they actually saw the inside of buses and trains once in a while and could make informed decisions about the transportation that is so critical to our region.


The North Coast said...

Fargo, as far as I'm concerned, the "oversight" boards appointed to guard the public interest at CTA, PACE, and RTA are the biggest problems these agencies have, and do much more to hinder operations and multiply bureaucracy than they do to help.

The "citizens' who are selected to sit on these boards are usually well-heeled, well-connected people who only board a train or a bus for some ribbon-cutting or such, such as the inaugeration of a new line or new service. The memberships are highly political, and the members tend to be a lot more interested in being visible and having access to good jobs and business opportunities than actually doing anything to improve public transit.

Fargo said...

In a more ideal world, actual transit riders would be on oversight boards, rather than political hacks.