Friday, July 20, 2007

odd turn in court

Don Gordon's challenge to the aldermanic election results took an interesting turn in court today. Now it's more urgent than ever for you to contact Don if you observed any irregularities during the run-off campaign or on election day (4/17).

Please see Toni's 7/20 and 7/17 posts for more info on today's court hearing and the 7/28 fundraiser for Don's challenge.

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Michael Harrington said...

Dear 49th Ward Voters,

On Friday July 20th, at a routine status hearing, Judge Marsha Hayes reversed her earlier decision denying the defendants’ motions to dismiss our election challenge lawsuit. While we are dismayed by this unusual and somewhat unprecedented action, it would be a mistake to assume that this case is over. We are in the process of preparing a motion for reconsideration of the ruling to dismiss and we are also filing a "motion for leave to amend” our original complaint."

Fortunately, thanks to Judge Hayes’s earlier ruling, we had an opportunity to proceed with our discovery process at the Chicago Board of Elections. The Board had to open their files and allow us to perform a thorough records examination of nearly 4,000 ballot applications and documents. What we found, coupled with other investigations we are currently pursuing, support earlier reports of irregularities and fraud that were our initial motivation for filing this case.

Because of the legal precedent set years ago by another challenge to an aldermanic election result, we had the legal right to submit an amended complaint including evidence uncovered during the discovery process. We were preparing to present that amended complaint when Judge Hayes denied us that opportunity on July 20th. Now we must petition the court to allow us to execute that right and to present our amended complaint. We are going forward with our investigation and data analysis, which will provide the basis for a more detailed amended complaint.

Regardless of the outcome of our petition to the court, in due course we will make the evidence we uncover during our investigations available for public review. Citizens of the 49th ward and throughout the City of Chicago will have the opportunity to evaluate for themselves whether this election was conducted fairly.

Our V.O.T.E.R. Debut Party this Saturday, July 28 is the next step in our effort to establish a non-partisan watchdog group to promote accountability and honest elections in the 49th ward. We welcome all residents of the 49th ward and everyone who values integrity in the electoral process to join us in pursuit of this important work. The free, honest, and transparent functioning of our government depends on it.

Thank you,
Don Gordon, Eileen Foxman, Eva McCann, Blane Roberts
Founding V.O.T.E.R. members