Saturday, July 07, 2007

more on biofuels

Here's a new Slate article continuing an idea from a previous post.


The North Coast said...

I'm a free-market capitalist, but I believe that Castro is right.

The push to biofuels will divert land from food production to fuel production.

Sorry, but the land on which we will grow non-food crops will of necessity be diverted from food crops.

You can see what has happened to food prices already. The price of corn is at all-time highs. It doesn't really matter if you use corn to make the biofuel, or if you use land to for another crop for biofuel instead of using the corn, it is the same thing: food will compete with food.

At this time, and probably far into the future, the ERoEI on biofuels and ethanol is negative. The stuff is not economical and can be produced only with government subsidies.

Will we subsidize car owners to drive at the expense of 80% of the population?

Because that's where the biofuel puah is headed.

At this time, Gov. Blago has commenced a subsidy program that will direct $1.2 BILLION in subsidies to ethanol and biomass. This is money that would be much better spent on public transit in the Chicago area and major small towns.

Will 80% of us go hungry to keep our fleet of cars going AT ANY COST?

Fargo said...

I'm with you on this. I think that this will bite us in the butt in a very big way in the near future.

ChiAnim8r (Scott) said...

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ChiAnim8r (Scott)

The North Coast said...

Forgive all the typos in that first post, Fargo.

I meant to say "fuel will compete with food" but I can see you got the point. I'm just embarrassed when I make so bloody many typos.

Fargo said...

We all have our typo days. You certainly made your points.