Tuesday, June 19, 2007

sad Father's Day for one father

This report came yesterday from a concerned neighbor on the 1500 block of Birchwood.
On Father's Day, someone was pistol whipped and robbed. On which block I don't know at this moment but the 79 year old's wallet was tossed into our fathers day barbeque celebration without much fanfare. At first I didn't even realize that it was a wallet. Once I did, I ran out in hopes of seeing the character who tossed it. No such luck.

We called the police who at first showed little interest in recovering a stolen wallet until Ana pointed out that this elderly man might be lying in a pool of blood somewhere. This appeared to get the operator a little more engaged. They said they'd send someone over to recover it. We followed up by leaving a message at the victims home as well. (They were listed in the phone book.)

About an hour or so later the squad car pulled up with the victim inside. He was relieved to get the wallet back and they were taking him to the hospital to stay overnight for observation.

At six this morning the daughter called to thank us for returning the wallet to her father. She was calling then because her father had taken a turn for the worse overnight and it was unclear whether he's going to make it.

I'm currently under the impression that this is not the first incident to have occured in the area. I read about muggings all the time in the blotter and while there's a distinct amount of criminal activity that goes on all the time. (drugs, gangs, prostitution) This is far more vile and clearly they're targeting seniors.

This news is not welcome on any day from any block. I hope that the victim will recover and that anyone with information will provide it to the police.

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