Saturday, June 16, 2007

more fun on Fargo

The problems I mentioned in last year's posts about 1626-30 Fargo and 1640-42 Fargo continue. I wanted to give some background for those who saw these properties mentioned in today's post on Broken Heart.

The 1640-42 property has been vacant since 7/05. The 1626-30 property has been vacant since 5/06. In 4/06, George Samutin, the owner of the 1640-42 property made a public presentation of his plans for the property. Never saw any evidence of workmen after that date and never heard any more about plans for redevelopment.

Unfortunately, I have no information about current ownership of 1626-30. A number of longtime tenants were forced to leave the building after the sale, and they would have gladly stayed put. What a waste. Instead the block gets stuck with another vacant building under irresponsible ownership.

Does anyone have updated information on future plans, or are these buildings as abandoned as they appear to be?

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