Saturday, June 16, 2007

good day by the lake

I went for a bike ride through the 'hood and saw some good things today. I stopped by to check out the Artists of the Wall action mid morning. People were getting a good start on painting their sections of wall and the weather was beautiful. There was an oops moment when someone's unleashed dog ran from the path up onto the bench then over the wall onto the grass, stepping in an area being painted and leaving pawprints. One of the people supervising asked the dog's owner to put the dog on the leash, and Fido was leashed. No more pawprints in the wet paint.

I went up to Evanston for a while and came back in the afternoon. As I was riding down Morse, I almost fell off my bike from the surprise of seeing DevCorp workers putting mulch on the bases of the newly planted trees. (Thanks, Craig!) I was happy to see the guys out there. Hopefully they'll keep watering and working to keep the trees alive and healthy.

When I got to the end of Morse, I stopped to check out the latest Rogers Park Garden Group project. They had just finished planting a variety of plants, selected to attract butterflies and bees. People were spreading mulch on the bed. Great to see that project. I hope it will be a positive focal point in the park. A big thank you to the Garden Group for their fine work.

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Jocelyn said...

I saw the Dev Corp guys out there also and had a similar reaction. I was also shocked by the volumes of garbage wedged under the grates.

I hope they water them also. :o)