Friday, April 13, 2007

new eats in Rogers Park

I haven't been in to check it up yet, but Amphora (a revised version of Gateway Bar & Grill) sounds like a fine choice for dinner. A friend says it's very vegetarian friendly, with generous appetizers, huge Greek salads, and green beans done right (not mushy). Decent wine list, too. I plan to go soon. More info below.


Amphora Restaurant is now open for dinner (5pm to 2 am every day except Sunday, when they close at midnight) at 7547 N. Clark Street (formerly the Gateway Bar & Grill)in the north part of the building. They offer Mediterrean flavors of Spain, Greece, Portugal and Italy, highlighting seafood dishes. After 10:30 pm, a light menu is available. For more info, call 773.262.5767.

This summer The African Harambee Restaurant, an African restaurant featuring unique dishes from Mozambique, Angola and the continent of Africa, will open in the other section. One of the co-owners of The African Harambee is the founder of Ethiopian Diamond in Edgewater.


Anonymous said...
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SouthEvanstonian said...

GO TO AMPHORA RIGHT NOW!!!! I have been there twice now, and it is wonderful! It's so exciting to have a classy and delicious place to eat near Howard Street!!!