Sunday, March 04, 2007

register and vote

I'm guessing that most folks reading this are already registered to vote. If you're not already registered and are eligible to vote, I hope that you will consider registering before the 4/17 run-off election.

This page will allow you to check your voter registration status, polling place, etc.

If you are interesting in being a volunteer deputy registrar, click here.

For a voter registration form, click here.

Voter turnout in the 49th ward was a bit disappointing, only 34.84%, marginally better than the citywide average of 33%. For city totals by ward, click here. I did another version of this table, sorting the results by voter turnout (from lowest to highest), and sorting by # of registered voters (same order).

Noting the number of registered voters in the 49th ward vs. the population, I wondered what percentage of the non-registered residents were eligible to vote (adult U.S. citizens). Does anyone know how big that gap is?

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