Wednesday, March 28, 2007

the plop thickens

So, who does currently own the property on the 7300 block of Clark St. where the new fire station is to be constructed? That seems to be one of many questions of the day.

Hugh said that the City is in the process of "taking" it.

There are two separate parcels:
PIN 11-30-420-055
7322-7332 N CLARK strip mall including Mega Wash

PIN 11-30-420-054
7334-7352 N CLARK strip mall including Supermercado Morelia

Rpdude said that listed the taxpayer for 7334-7352 N Clark as taxpayer is former Cook County Clerk Stanley T. Kusper Jr., but this information appears to be out of date. Hugh did a little more digging and found the taxpayer listed as I. Mejia and the property owner listed as a LaSalle Bank Trust going back to 2002. Interesting that Kusper apparently owned the property for years and sold it when the fire station location was set.

Looks like the fire station site is not yet public property, so we can't use that as part of an argument to get Joe's other public-improvement-as-blatant-political-ad sign removed. Doesn't mean we can't otherwise object to it via 311 on the grounds that it is a political advertisement in sheep's clothing.

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