Monday, March 26, 2007

in the red

The New York Times ran an interesting article about the CTA's woes.

Many people I know (and friends of friends) are buying new bikes and preparing to commute by bike on a regular basis to avoid the crowded trains and delays on the El, or are seriously thinking about it.

Others are switching to Metra, which is about to increase service on the UP North line to meet added demand. Those added runs will be welcomed. Lots of people have already switched to Metra. In recent weeks, the 6:00 run leaving downtown has been packed, sardine packed. People are standing in the aisles and vestibules and every seat is full. The conductors are saying that the train is nearly empty after Central St. (Evanston). I notice huge groups of people getting off at Ravenswood and Rogers Park, much larger than a year ago.

Meanwhile, Joe Moore made another genius move, sending an e-mail a few days ago asking people to write to or call Frank Kruesi of the CTA asking that construction be delayed until the CTA can come up with an alternative to the 3-track operation that is about to begin at Belmont as the station reconfiguration gets more involved. Geez, Joe, these plans haven't exactly been a secret. If you were really paying attention to the needs of the 49th ward, you might have done something like this months ago, or even come up with some alternative suggestions.

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