Wednesday, February 28, 2007

putting his money where his mouth is

This item from Craig was an interesting side note. Support can come from unusual places.

Congrats to Don Gordon for getting enough votes to force a run-off against Joe. Hope is not lost. Go Don!


Thomas Westgard said...

Shouldn't this be titled, "Putting His Mouth Where His Money Is?" I have to say that M. Durand deserves some credit for actually coming to the neighborhood, instead of merely sending a check. It's interesting to go through the campaign disclosures and see which of them have a clear connection to the community, and which don't. Although M. Durand isn't a resident or local business owner, he took the time and trouble to show up. That shows a level of good faith. I hope he comes back.

The North Coast said...

Met M. Durand the other night, and was impressed with him- a very nice guy, open and good-natured.

Fargo said...

M. Durand certainly deserves credit for actually coming to the neighborhood. My hat is off to him.