Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Karen Hoover endorses Don Gordon

Karen Hoover was the beat facilitator for CAPS beat 2422 from the beginning of CAPS until a few years ago. She has continued to be involved in community problem solving. She has also run for alderman in the past. I have enormous admiration for Karen's commitment to the community. Here is her statement:

“The current alderman of the 49th Ward has been in office for 16 years. Very little has changed. We are still discussing the same issues – the lack of economic development, unacceptable levels of crime, criminally managed buildings, a failure to comply with “green” requirements, a poorly managed ward office, a poorly managed infrastructure – to name a few.

One thing has changed. The current alderman is less accessible and accountable than he used to be. We haven’t had a Town Meeting in years.

I have tried many times to change this, but am now passing the torch. I believe that there is a person who is running for alderman who will be engaged in the neighborhood and can fix some of these things. I am impressed with his thoughtfulness on the issues and the depth of his understanding of them. I am impressed with his accessibility and openness. I also appreciate that he takes criticism well and is willing to admit mistakes. I support Don Gordon for 49th Ward Alderman because I believe he is the best man to make changes in the neighborhood I love so well."

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