Saturday, March 17, 2007

Jazz: America's classical music

Jazz is one of America’s homegrown musical genres, but it has been treated like a less favored stepchild for much of its history. In its early days, some of the finest jazz talent was found in the brothels and saloons of New Orleans. Its roots are closely linked with blues, but it has followed a slightly different path over the years.

The Tribune recently ran an excellent article about Thelonius Monk's musical legacy.

There are excellent sources for listening online. The links below offer a small selection of what’s out there.
WDCB Chicago/Glen Ellyn
WDNA Miami
Danish Radio Copenhagen

I’ve often wondered why jazz, in all its variations, is so underappreciated by the general public. At its simplest, it offers catchy toe-tapping tunes. At its deeper levels, it has developed a level of complexity and eloquence to merit the label "America's classical music." In the broad spectrum of jazz, there is a flavor for anyone.

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