Tuesday, January 16, 2007

omitted facts

Things are stirring in Rogers Park. The Reader has an interesting item about a strategic error/omitted fact in one of Joe Moore's tree killers (otherwise known as campaign brochures).

Check out Toni's blog and Hugh and Craig's contribution to the discussion for more.

Joe has picked up the impending CTA construction/service reduction nightmare as an issue and is milking it for every possible bit of campaign publicity. (And it's obviously for the campaign, since he doesn't seem to say much about the CTA otherwise.) It's worth noting that he has omitted a major fact on this subject. Last year the City of Chicago contributed only $3 million towards operating expenses, the same skimpy annual amount they have given for the past 25 years. The city of Atlanta gave $18 million last year to MARTA, a system 1/10 the size of the CTA. Hmmmm.....