Tuesday, January 23, 2007

off the rails?

Crain's Chicago Business ran a detailed story about the CTA's current woes, with lots of facts and dates that spell out exactly how bad the situation really is.


Gledwood said...

do you reckon chicago's superior to new york? my mum went there once (chicago) and had a great time.

Fargo said...

Each system has its pluses and minuses. NYC has train lines in a lot more neighborhoods, so it is better served by trains. Chicago has large gaps between train lines in some areas of the city, which are served only by buses (often slow).

NYC has a lot more express train service within the city, but doesn't do a good job at distinguishing express trains from locals by signage or announcements, so it's easy to get on the wrong train at certain stations and end up zooming past your station and having to double back (unless you listen very carefully).

NYC buses can make Chicago's slowest bus routes look speedy, at least in Manhattan.

I think Chicago's system (in its current version) is less confusing than NYC. They're both good systems, each with its own quirks.