Wednesday, January 10, 2007

fashion statement

Tonight I got an amusing eyeful on my way home. Sometimes I observe unusual fashion statements. This was one of those times. A short, blonde woman was walking down the street wearing a black with fake fur trim. Under the sodium vapor streetlights, I wasn't sure of the color of the trim. I got a look at the true color under different lighting at the train station: bright yellow. Yowza!

The coat had a slanted hemline, longer in back, with very long flared sleeves that echoed the hemline - wizard sleeves. A long, pointed hood hung down her back, with a fuzzy ball on the end. Where it hung, it resembled like a fuzzy bunny tail. She also wore red pants and white sneakers.

We ended up on the same train car. Up close, the fuzzy trim reminded me of Big Bird in color and texture. The overall look was wizard meets Santa meets fuzzy bunny meets Big Bird. Truly unique.


Trope said...

How strange! I haven't gotten a unique fashion statement like that in my neighborhood in quite some time. I think that means we may have lost our character... I wonder what you'll see her in next week!

Fargo said...

I saw her wearing the same coat on Friday night, as we all waited for our delayed train. The front of the coat added to the oddness - much higher in front, almost like a tailcoat. Her pants were much less colorful than the red ones I saw the first time, but the way she carried herself made me assume that the coat was NOT part of a costume.

Walk around the Loop for a while, and you're pretty much guaranteed to see at least one or two really unique fashion statements.