Wednesday, January 31, 2007


This is some real silliness, courtesy of Bicycling magazine.

Bring Your Own Big Wheel (no rubber tires allowed)

Six Easters ago, artist Jon Brumit decided to ride a plastic Big Wheel down San Francisco's Lombard Street, said to be one of the most crooked roads in teh world. As with so many really good bad ideas, others quickly recognized the appeal of his ride. In 2006, the event drew 17 racers and about 500 spectators - and lasted about one minute. Riders apply duct tape to their shoes for extra stopping power on the bricks, and compete for Brumit's handcrafted pricez, including string art, shellacked plaques and underwear with custom iron-on patches. Bonus tip: Last year's champion was the last to cross the start line (he was meditating), which allowed him to avoid the inevitable carnage at turn 1.

Jon Brumit's web site has pictures and info. Very entertaining pictures.

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