Sunday, July 02, 2006

more change in the works

I noticed signs today about another proposed change. I heard quite a while ago that the gray stucco house at 7441 Rogers

was purchased by the same developer who built the condos last year at 7443 Rogers.

Rumor has it that more of the same may be built going west on the block, replacing the existing houses with condos.

You have a chance to offer your $0.02 at a public meeting:


gf said...

hey fargo-

thanx for the heads up. i had no idea about this meeting and i don't think many others did either. i posted it on rogers park review.

Fargo said...

There are only a handful of posters on buildings along Rogers and by the bus area at Howard station - definitely not adequate notice.

Fargo said...

The proposed condo building to replace the formerly beautiful gray Arts & Crafts house is a 6-unit brick-faced building. It's a slightly less generic design than the new 8-unit building immediately to the east, but certainly not an improvement on what the old house could be if it were restored.

The condo building would have parking spaces and dumpster in back, like its 8-unit neighbor. While this does provide 1 space per unit, it still generates additional traffic onto Rogers and Paulina. It also maxes out the lot, which will leave almost no green space and increase flood risk for the surrounding area. We'll see Lake Rogers bigger more often.

Rogers is heavily burdened enough and does not need anymore traffic. Anyone who has see the frequent backups from Clark all the way past the park & ride entrance would probably agree.

I hate to see this old Arts & Crafts house destroyed, when it still has potential to be beautiful again.

Anonymous said...

saving the house would cost in the $300,000 to $400,000 plust the cost of the house, you would not find a bank that would lend you the money based on the comps in the aria.

Thomas Westgard said...

Anon - how do you know this budget?

Michael K said...

I'm not sure what the budget is but I walk by this house several times a week. It is in poor shape and I believe it has severe foundation problems as evidenced by the grade of the property which allowas waster to run toward the home and that there was a bit of a sink hole there about a year ago.

Who knows what the interior looks like. At least the condos they put up don't have cinderblock side walls. As far as new construction goes, this is pretty nice. A little boring but nice.

Hugh said...

Hi guys, sorry I'm late to this.

7441 N Rogers has NOT sold to the same developer as next door 7443 (Destefano).

7441 N Rogers PIN:11-30-413-007

7443 N Rogers PIN:11-30-413-008

7441 has not changes hands since 2004.

What were you told at the meeting?

What is the developer's name on the poster? It's too small for me to read.

Destefano Development Inc (7443) to Citizens for Joe Moore

$1,000.00 4/6/2006
$1,000.00 7/29/2004