Sunday, July 16, 2006

1626-30 W Fargo

Last night we got home and were putting the car in the garage (out back) when we noticed an open back door on the 3rd floor at 1630. The building has been vacant for a few months, after being purchased by someone who intends condos for the property.

The back of this building is completely hidden from the street. We did a premises check. The 3rd floor was the only unlocked back door on the west side of the building. All the radiators were gone from this unit and the others on the same tier. Plumbing fixtures were smashed, and there was other damage. We locked the back door and went out the front. Front doors to all units were unlocked. There are open front windows on the 1st floor on the east side, so I would not be surprised if there are squatters, as we have seen no evidence of workmen at the property.

We'd strongly recommend that 2422 do regular premises checks on this building, as there was abundant evidence of trespassing. This situation looks way too much like 1640-42 right now.

This building REALLY needs to be secured.


Sheesh said...

It was good of you to secure the doors. Not many people would have cared enough to do that.

Fargo said...

After living for a year with a vacant building on one side (with squatter problems and attempted burglaries in my building), the last thing I want to do is invite more of the same on the other side.