Monday, June 12, 2006

shots fired on Jarvis

Last night (Sunday) there were at least 3 separate incidents of gunshots fired on the 1600 block of Jarvis. I was not home for the first incident (sometime between 5-6 p.m.), but heard about that one from a friend who lives on Fargo closer to Ashland. The 2nd happened shortly after 7 p.m. The 3rd happened around 8:15 p.m. Police response to 911 calls was speedy.

In each incident, several shots (probably one clip per incident) were fired in a period of a few minutes. I don't know if the shooter was firing randomly, or if there was some specific target. At least one of the incidents happened near the intersection of Jarvis and Paulina.

If any of you have any further info on these incidents, please report it to the police as well as posting it here.

I hope that there will be follow-up on these incidents at the next CAPS meeting.


Thomas Westgard said...

Hey, Fargo, do me a favor. Call up the police and tell them you want to report a crime, that someone was firing shots on Fargo, etc. See if they will take a report from you.

There's been an ongoing discussion about the need to report crime. However, I've tried at times to report crimes I saw (or heard) and the police tell me to go away because I wasn't the victim. In other words, not only does crime have to be reported, it has to be reported by a victim before it "exists."

Would you try to report this and see if the policy has changed? Let us know how it goes.

Remember, crime is down.

proGun said...

Hi fargo,
Glad you were not hit.
A couple of years ago my house was hit by gun fire.
Some altercation between drivers after purchasing a newspaper from one of my neighbors. Must have been a collectors edition because another driver was trying to kill the other driver for it.
Both were terrible shots and only managed to hit my house and couple of parked cars.
911 was called and officers promptly came. Not much real information was exchanged, except many of the neighbors came out and said that house over there sells news papers late at night and then people try to kill them afterwards. Days later the house and occupanats with computers and news papers were taken away in federal vehicles.
No more shots fired.

Fargo said...

I did call 911 after the 2nd and 3rd incidents, and police were on the scene promptly.

JeffP said...

so tonight around 12:15 i was outside on fargo, and i heard the the all too familiar sounds of gunshots. it was the same thing this time, 5 or 6 separated by a pause, like someone was emptying a clip. before i could make it inside to call the police i heard the sirens, this has got to stop

proGun said...

First Confirmed gooning Farwell and Wolcott 6/20/2006 9~10 pm. 10 youths 9 black 1 white, 1 police report.
The White kid has been identified locally.
Ok a gooning is where my friend gets his ass kicked well technically they got in the first couple of surprise blows then he got in a couple of good licks before the coward gang fled.