Thursday, June 22, 2006

a neighborhood eyesore

1640-42 W. Fargo has been quiet lately, but it's not looking so great. No word on when work might begin on the condo conversion. Meanwhile, the lawn looks like a hayfield, nearly knee high and trash-filled more often than not, and weeds are growing up in the sidewalk.

I'm not expecting it to look like this,

but is it too much to ask for George Samutin to send someone out maybe once a month to mow the hayfield, pick up the trash, and keep the place looking even marginally respectable, instead of looking like a dump?


Thomas Westgard said...

It might be worth a 311 call. I made one yesterday relating to a large fallen tree limb, and it's gone today. However, my daily calls regarding the Beth Sholom building are apparently falling on deaf ears.

DMG said...

Or, is too much to ask for George Samutin to contract with one of the property owners, or supers to mow the lawn. Be a good neighbor. Throw some business to a neighbor.
My 2 cents.

Fargo said...

Excellent suggestion, Don.

Michael K said...

The neighboring building is so nice it is almost a crime that this looks so crappy. I know the building was sold a loooooong time ago. I suspect the new owner is waiting for the neighborhood to appreciate a bit more and then sell it to a developer. We'll see.

In the meantime, some former renter's Tiki torches still sit on the porch awaiting an arsonists match.