Monday, June 19, 2006

Jarvis Square

With the addition of more places to eat, we now have a fine complement of businesses at Jarvis Square (Jarvis/Greenview). Kudos to Dan Sullivan for his fine work in helping it all to happen.

Just opening: Gruppo di Amici - Italian, in the former Jarvis Liquors space 1508 Jarvis.

They have a liquor license and wine list, vegetarian options as well as meat dishes. Nicely done space. Good reports so far. (closed Mondays)

Charmers Café on the corner at 1500 Jarvis

and The Dagel and Beli, just around the corner on Greenview

opened a few weeks ago and are off to a good start. I've seen plenty of families checking them out.

Luzzat across the street (1505 Jarvis) is serving good, reasonably priced Indian-Pakistani food and ice cream.

Pop on down to the pub (Poitin Stil) for a drink.

Come on down to Jarvis Square...


Lisa said...

Grupo di Amici is nice, if still obviously new and getting things right. We had dinner there on Wednesday, and there were plenty of other folks dining as well.

Dagel and Beli has the funniest menu I've ever seen.

Fargo said...

I finally got a chance to try Gruppo di Amici last night. Very good food. Nice wine selection. I'd say they're aiming to capture some of the upscale business that has been going to Evanston or Andersonville. I enjoyed the meal.

For tea/coffee/snacks, Charmers Cafe has expanded their selections. They now have pie from a bakery in the neighborhood, plus Homer's ice cream. Yeah! Thank you, Dan, for a tasty menu of goodies.